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April 09, 2009


Barbara [aka Nana, Mom]

Awesome post--Ryan has such a cool Nana!! The kids were so sweet and cute when they came to the house. Did you see those shoes?? Oh, my aching feet!! :) And I'm not getting into the emotion part!

heidi jo

the girls look so sweet and pretty...

nana looks beautiful.. .and jennifer? wow... who'd think you have a boy old enough for prom let alone his 'last' one??? you look amazing.


I love these pics! I love the smile on Nana's face and the look of pride on look amazing! Beautiful!!!


You are going to make me cry!! Beautiful pictures! Never wish to turn back time and raise him any differently cause you did a fabulous job. If you went back and changed it all then he wouldn't be the AWESOME young man he is today! We all make our mistakes and will continue to make more!! All we can do is our best and give the rest to GOD!

Jennifer C.

now you've gone and made me cry!


you made me CRY!
I missed being there. I know the Lord has something special planned for both. You and Jeanne should be very proud. No need to turn back time-- Ryan is Truly a great young man. Hold your head up High my friend.... many people try but you have achieved.

Don't they look Sharp

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